An Overview of Pricing

What Affects Our Prices?

When you print your patient admission booklet with us, we determine the price based on the total page count [1], the number of 2-Part NCR forms and the quantity of your order—that’s it!  We make content edits to your booklet free of charge, including name or logo changes. The only time an edit would affect your pricing is if it adds pages or NCR forms to your booklet.

We want you to have a booklet that fits your needs, which is why the customization aspect of our booklets is so important.  There’s no need to worry about the number of changes you need to make.  The editor who works with you will let you know if your page count changes and will point out all the NCR forms (if any) in your booklet.

Because our focus is customization, prices vary from agency to agency.  For example, a hospice booklet with 56 pages and three NCR forms will cost more per booklet than another hospice booklet with the same page count but only one NCR form.  It all depends on what your agency needs.

Price Breaks

When placing your order, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, we always recommend ordering a six-month supply of booklets to ensure consistent regulatory updates.  This amount depends on the number of patients your agency admits per month.

Second, we offer several price breaks: 150, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 7500 and 10000.  So, if you need 450 booklets minimum, consider bumping that up to 500 to see your price per booklet go down.

Setup Fee – New Clients

If this is your first time printing with us, first of all, welcome—we are so excited to be working with you!  To get started with developing your new booklet, we will need to charge a one-time fee based on the quantity of booklets.  For example, if you order our minimum of 50 booklets, the one-time setup fee is $450.


Another service we offer is a translation of any of your admission booklets—hospice, home health, private duty, etc.—into Spanish.  If you are printing a Spanish booklet for the first time, there will be a one-time setup fee of $150.  There is also a translation fee of 15 cents per word, but this only applies to agency-specific verbiage.  For more detailed information on this service, please contact our Spanish Department by emailing or calling 1-800-843-9178.

Patient Education Booklets

These booklets are available starting at $3.55/booklet through Briggs Corporation.  Visit or call 1-800-247-2343 for more information.

The following titles are available: Arthritis; Congestive Heart Failure; COPD; Diabetes; Stroke; and Wound Care.

If you would like a customized education booklet, let us know!  Contact us here.

Additional Services

Although we determine our prices on page count, NCR forms and quantity, there are a few more customization options we offer that can affect pricing:

3-Hole Punch – $0.005/page

Color Inserts – $0.21/page

Folder Booklets – $3.00-5.00/booklet (with an order minimum of 500)

For more information, please visit our website at

[1] Our booklets are printed in 4-page signatures, so additional pages are added in increments of 4.


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