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One of our goals at MedForms is to make the reorder process as easy as possible for our clients! Although each patient orientation booklet is different, many of our clients have similar questions about how to reorder or how our development process works. No worries! We’re here to help. Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) to help you along the way:


Q: What types of patient orientation booklets do you publish?

A:  MedForms publishes customized patient orientation booklets for home health, hospice, HME, private duty, infusion and pediatrics. In addition, we print customized education booklets on a variety of diseases like heart failure or diabetes.


Q: How much do the patient orientation booklets cost?

A: It all depends on your booklet. During development, there is a one-time set-up fee, and an average home health booklet can cost anywhere from $4-6 each. Since all booklets are customized the price per booklet depends on the specifications of the finished product – page count, color cover, etc. We also offer price breaks for larger quantities of booklets ordered.


Q: How long does it take to print and ship the patient orientation booklets?

A:  During a regular reorder, printing and shipping takes 2-3 weeks after we receive approval from the client. Have a home health or hospice booklet in development? The development process itself takes 3-4 weeks (in addition to a 2-3 week print/ship time). Please note, that print/ship time is the same across the board. Whether you print exact repeats or you’re printing your first booklet – the time frame remains the same. Since each booklet is customized we print quantities on demand and we do not stock extra.


Q: What’s included in a patient orientation booklet and can we customize the cover?

A: Your customized patient orientation booklet includes everything from your logo to your Notice of Privacy Practices to your Admission Consent. It’s an all-inclusive product making your home health or hospice admission process much easier! And yes you can customize the cover! If you have an idea of your own or you need a little inspiration, our design team can help you come up with an attractive cover of which you can be proud.


Q: Do I have to see a proof every time I reorder (even if I don’t have changes)?

A: One of the best features to our services is reviewing the patient orientation booklet for any regulatory and suggested changes. During every reorder, our editors will review the entire patient orientation booklet, make any suggested changes, and send a proof to the client to review for approval. We will send a proof even if you don’t have any changes of your own. This process ensures your booklet is updated regularly and contains all the necessary information for your home care patients.


Have more questions? No worries! Feel free to contact our staff for further information about development or the reorder process. We work hard to ensure your experience with us, and the admission process, is an easy one. For more information contact MedForms today!


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