Five Things You Should Know About MedForms’ Pricing

pigOne of the most common questions we get from potential new clients is the pricing overview of our booklets. The short answer — it’s different for everyone! Because we’re a custom publisher, our orientation booklets are a unique and valuable service to agencies all over the country. And because each booklet is customized to each home care agency, the cost will always differ based on each client’s needs.

Although the cost of each home care orientation booklet varies for each agency, there are five things you should know about the cost of the booklet:

  • Booklets range from $4 to $6 a book. Cost per booklet depends on quantity ordered and overall page count. We have set price breaks starting at 150 orientation booklets. Depending on your desired quantity and the number of pages your booklet might be, your price per booklet can fluctuate.
  • Consider setup fees. There is a one-time setup fee for development of each booklet. The setup fee depends on the quantity of booklets ordered during the first printing.
  • You can get upgrades. One of the great benefits of our orientation booklets is the ability to upgrade. We offer color ink for your cover, NCR forms and perforated inserts among many others.
  • We do not charge for home care compliance changes. This is probably our most valued service. During reorders, our editors will go through your booklet and make any home care compliance changes that are applicable to your booklet. If you have any changes to your booklet (e.g., a phone number, address, new drug disposal policy), our editors will make those revisions free of charge.
  • Prices are always subject to change. Please be mindful that our prices can change at any time. In addition, if the specifications of your booklet change, the price can also change. If you’d like to see current pricing during your reorder, feel free to contact the editor who is working on your booklet, and they can get you a quote from our accounting department.

Similar to our home care orientation booklets, MedForms also publishes Spanish booklets and patient education booklets that are available to clients. Both are affordable and great additions to an agency’s admission and education process. For information and pricing details of these booklets, you can contact our marketing department.

We work hard to ensure our home care orientation booklets are an affordable product for our clients. If you ever have questions about pricing and additional upgrades, never hesitate to contact us!


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