Four Ways Orientation Booklets Simplify Admissions

MedForms’ bread and butter is simplifying the patient admission process for home health, hospice and other home care agencies. We work hard to ensure your orientation is efficient and simple. With an all-inclusive orientation booklet, your admission process can be an easier experience for both you and the patient. In addition, the product itself looks professional and attractive – something you can be proud of.

But how exactly do our patient orientation booklets simplify your admission process? The books are customized to include each organization’s information, accreditation information and other policies and procedures from our standard templates. This alone makes the MedForms orientation booklet vital to many of our clients. Additionally, here are four other ways that our orientation booklets will simplify your patient admission process:

  1. No more stuffing folders: For organizational improvement, you’ll no longer need to stuff folders or packets. Our orientation booklets are all-inclusive publications that are professional and complete upon receipt, which saves you time and money! No more making copies, stapling packets or shuffling loose papers around. This also reduces the likelihood things will get lost or misfiled during the admission process, which is also a plus.
  2. Quality assurance: Home care compliance and other regulatory assistance can be tedious and take up a lot of your time. Using our orientation booklets can be a huge time-saver in that department! We work with you to assure all necessary information is included and provide complimentary regulatory updates with each printing of your home health and hospice booklet. While we are not consultants, we do our best to include updates for federal, state and accreditation bodies free of charge.
  3. Patient signatures: Another great benefit to our booklet is how much it reduces patient signatures (and admission time)! With consolidated forms, the patient only has to sign once for the receipt of all the booklet’s contents. This reduces time and paper which can often be wasted during the home health or hospice admission process – a win-win!
  4. Readability: One of the biggest setbacks during the admission process is the dense material and confusing paperwork. Patient understanding improves significantly with our easy-to-read language, formatting and large print text. Not only does the orientation booklet look professional, but it becomes a great resource for your home health or hospice patients during their care.

MedForms knows how hard your staff works to take care of your patients. That’s why we want to do our best to make your admission process as simple as possible. With improved readability and home care compliance in an all-inclusive product, you will be saving both time and money during your home health or hospice orientation. Interested in learning more about simplifying your admission process with our orientation booklets? Contact MedForms today to get started!



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