How to Reorder Orientation Booklets

After you open your last box of MedForms orientation booklets, do you ever come across a bright neon color piece of paper at the top? If so, that means, you’re ready to reorder! Reordering your orientation booklets is an easy process and can be done in just a few simple steps. If this is your first time reordering booklets (or you just need a quick reference about our process), here are some easy steps for reordering your home care booklets:


  1. Place the reorder: You may reorder your orientation booklets by calling, emailing or submitting a request online. Make sure you place the reorder 4 to 5 weeks before you need the new booklets. This ensures ample time for the editorial team to review your booklets for any home care compliance and regulatory changes that might have occurred since your last printing.
  2. Submit your changes: Do you have a new address change or a policy change? If you have a new change to make to your home health or hospice booklet, submit those requested changes in writing with your initial reorder. This not only avoids confusion, but it also streamlines the process (so you get your MedForms booklets faster).
  3. Receive a proof: You will receive a proof in 2-5 business days from one of our editors. The proof will arrive in your inbox as a PDF attachment and will contain all home care compliance, suggested changes (if any) and your requested changes. In addition, we ask all clients to verify the booklet’s address information, phone numbers, office hours, etc.
  4. Approve: Once you’ve reviewed the booklet and it looks good to go, we will need your approval before printing (via email or fax). Once we receive written approval and verify your desired quantity, your book is sent to print! (with 2-3 weeks time frame). Please note: We recommend a 6-month supply (based on your admissions per month) and we have price breaks at 150, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10000. If you’d like pricing, the editor who works on your reorder will be happy to send you a quote from our accounting department.


Our team of editors is dedicated in ensuring your reorder process is a pleasant experience. Though it can take a few weeks to get your orientation booklets in hand, the process ensures each booklet is updated to meet new home care compliance regulations and your agency’s internal policy updates. Have questions about our reorder process or time to reorder? Contact MedForms today to get your home health or hospice orientation booklets started!


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