MedForms’ Product Spotlight: Four Things to Know About Spanish Booklets

translation-servicesMedForms’ orientation booklets are wonderful tools for
home care agencies all over the country. Servicing agencies in all 50 states, our product speaks for itself. But with such a wide variety of locations using our booklets, it only makes sense to offer home care agencies orientation booklets in Spanish as well. Developed to match your English version, our Spanish orientation booklets are a great asset to any agency’s home care orientation process.

Though an investment on the front end, there are so many benefits to developing a Spanish orientation booklet. If your service area has a large Spanish-speaking population, it’s a good idea to consider providing a Spanish orientation booklet in addition to the English.  The Spanish orientation booklets will improve clinician-patient communication regarding home care compliance to all Spanish speakers. Want more information? Here are four things you need to know about Spanish orientation booklets:

  • Ability to provide care to a larger variety of patients. This is a great reason to develop Spanish orientation booklets.

“Spanish booklets are an invaluable resource to both client and clinician,” Hannah Jones, Spanish Editor and Quality Assurance Manager said. “They facilitate ease of communication and better patient comprehension as agencies provide care to diverse patient populations.”

  • We work with a native speaker. This is something MedForms is incredibly proud of. We don’t translate your material using a computer generator. MedForms’ Spanish orientation booklets are translated by a native speaker ensuring the booklet matches the English booklet in content and layout. You can feel at ease knowing your booklets match home care compliance regulations just like your English version.
  • Pricing. MedForms can translate any of your existing English booklets into Spanish. One of the benefits to our translation cost is that we do not charge translation fees for any text in your booklet that we already have on file. Only agency-specific verbiage will need to be translated if we do not already have it on file. The fee is 15 cents for every English word. In addition to the translation fee, the first Spanish version of the booklet will include a $150 one-time set-up fee.  The minimum order quantity for Spanish booklets is 50.
  • Time. Before we begin the translation process, we always send a quote of the translation fees to the client for approval. The quote takes around 1-2 weeks. Once the quote has been approved, the translation takes around 3-4 weeks to complete (depending on the amount that needs translated). After approval of the Spanish proof, the booklets take 2-3 weeks to print and ship (like our English books). It’s also important to keep in mind we always print English first. This ensures that the Spanish orientation booklet matches the most-recent English version and therefore will have all the home care compliance information needed.

With the time and price, our Spanish orientation booklets are a small investment on front end, but it’s worth it in long run. Not only do you have an additional tool that will be useful for your agency, but you’re providing an invaluable service to your Spanish-speaking patients. Interested in learning more about home care orientation booklets or Spanish orientation booklets? Contact our Spanish editor or our marketing department today!


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