MedForms Spotlight: The Development Team and the Creation of your Patient Orientation Booklet


If you’ve never had a home care orientation booklet published with us, you might wonder how to get started. It’s a lengthy process but trust us, it’s worth it. If you’re interested in drafting a booklet, we gather the necessary materials and send it on to our development team where all the magic happens. There are three basic steps that go into creating a booklet. We strive to make your booklet a true reflection of your agency, all the while maintaining home care compliance and accreditation standards. Here are the three basics to check off your list before you get your orientation booklets in hand.

Three key steps to develop your orientation booklet:

  1. Gather materials – You will work directly with our marketing director to gather materials necessary to include in the home health, hospice or other home care orientation booklets. These items include your agency’s logo, contact information, CAHPS vendor and accreditation information (ACHC, Joint Commission and CHAP) – among other items. Once all your specific agency information has been compiled, the marketing department will officially send your booklet to development.
  1. Send to development editors – This is where you booklet is born! Once all your materials have been submitted, our marketing department will pass you along to our development team. They will put together your booklet based on both MedForms’ template master verbiage and your agency’s requested information. Forms will be included in the booklet as well. We have a large selection of pre-made forms you can include in your booklet in addition to the Admission Consent. Our development team will also create custom forms for your individual needs. Need some extra pizzazz in your home care orientation booklets? Our graphic design team can create an attractive cover that matches your logo and color scheme.

“The booklets are designed to provide the patient/client with information during the admission process.  Each agency can customize their booklets to accommodate their needs depending on the demographics and services they provide. MedForms also includes any regulatory information that is required to be provided during the admission process. To make sure all home care compliances are met, our template is a great starting point,” LaDonna Evins, RN, Development Editor, explained. “The templates are formatted to provide “easy to read” verbiage and the patient/client finds the book is uncomplicated to navigate when locating information. Our templates are simple and compact with all the required material which takes the leg work off the customer. I am proud of the product we provide and love the fact I am part of this process.”

  1. Review and approve – When the development editor assigned to your booklet has finished, they will send the first draft to your agency for review. Adjustments and revisions can be made at this time (up to three drafts total). With approval, it goes to print and voila!

“I have found working in development has stirred my creativity and love for putting together a product that is individually unique for each client,” said Evins. “There is a rewarding feeling after each booklet is complete, and the customer is excited after seeing the end product.”

It’s important to note that the development process takes a bit of time and preparation. After all, we want to make sure your booklets are perfect before printing. The typical turn-around time for the first draft is about 3-4 weeks. Once all changes have been approved, printing and shipping takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

When it’s time to reorder, the booklet will go through a similar but less time consuming process. Though the printing and shipping still takes 2-3 weeks, our turnaround time for reorders are just a few business days. Our team of editors will review your booklet since it was last updated for any new regulatory or home care compliance changes. We will also make any changes you’ve requested at that time. This ensures your home health or hospice booklet is up-to-date each and every time you order.

Want more information about our services and what you need to do to get started for home health or hospice? Contact our marketing department today for more information!


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