Optimize Admissions in 2020: How Medforms Patient Admission Booklets will enhance your Admissions

No one goes into health care to do paperwork. Let’s start 2020 with less of it.

The process of gathering and distributing information for and about the patient doesn’t have to be the time-consuming step prior to treatment that it sometimes can be. With custom admission booklets, the admission process is an opportunity to consolidate and make a spectacular first impression.

Industry knowledge and regulatory research are the most valuable services we offer. We are up-to-date on changing regulations, which we apply to your booklet, taking into account the unique criteria that may apply to your agency based on your state and accreditation status. When surveyed, the required patient intake information is easy to present with our admission booklet. Allowing us to assist with compliance frees time up for patient care. In 2020, we will help keep you compliant with upcoming changes, such as those to the Hospice Election Statement outlined in the Hospice Fiscal Year 2020 payment rule.

Take advantage of our complimentary editorial services.  At each reorder, our editorial staff examines your booklet for grammatical correctness and flow. Our booklets are designed with ease and readability in mind. Patients and caregivers can efficiently find and understand all pertinent information in one place.

Our Art Department brings aesthetics to the Admission process. In a competitive home care market, branding differentiates your agency. Our Art Department works with you to extend your branding into one of the first items the patient receives. We will design a cover based on your unique branding; if unable to provide sufficient branding material, we will design a pleasing cover for you at no additional cost.

Have the option to develop Spanish versions of your booklet that mirror the English version. Our booklets facilitate communication between Spanish-speaking patients and the caregiver.  As of January 2020, Hispanic people account for 19% of the US population. If your agency serves many Spanish-speakers, a Spanish version of a custom booklet may be more cost-effective than hiring an interpreter.

With all the resolutions that accompany a new year, resolve to optimize your admission process in 2020.

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