Patient Orientation Booklets: A Value-Added Product

MedForms booksWhat do you put in an admission packet during the home care admission process? Several papers, forms and other information for the patient and caregiver? Did you know there was a much easier solution than an ugly stack of papers? MedForms knows that the home care orientation process can be a bit winded, but it doesn’t have to be! MedForms’ orientation booklets are simple and cost-effective ways to cut down on time and signatures when admitting a new patient. In addition, the product looks professional and classy – a win, win!

Here are just a few reasons why clients choose to publish their customized orientation booklets with us:

  • Cost efficient – Believe it or not, the home care booklets are more cost efficient than producing admission packets yourself. Did you know that MedForms clients can actually save an average of 40% in cost and labor by using the orientation booklets instead of printing their own? That is money better used in more important home care needs such as additional services and staffing.
  • Less labor – Another upside is the savings in labor time assembling the admission packets. The booklets are all-inclusive and come bound and ready to go. No more making the office staff stuff admission packets or make extra copies. Another plus side? The patient only has to sign once during home care orientation. This is a huge time-saver during the admission process too! These simple solutions allow home care clinicians to focus on what they do best – providing care to patients.
  • Regularly updated books – One of our most valuable services is our regular home care compliance updates. Our regulatory department monitors all home care compliance regulations, including state, federal and accreditation organizations (ACHC, JCAHO, CHAP). With our compliance updates, you can rest assured your book contains the most up-to-date information your patients need to know.
  • Professional-looking – To add icing to the cake, the products published by MedForms look both professional and attractive. Our editorial staff works diligently to keep your booklet consistent and readable. In addition, our design team can create a variety of attractive covers using your logo and color scheme – a customized product your agency will be proud of.

If you haven’t heard about MedForms’ orientation booklets or started development, there’s no better time to start! From a professional-looking product to regularly updated content, there’s no reason not to. It’s an investment that is truly worthwhile. So if you’re ready to throw those admission packets out the door (and make your home care orientation much easier), contact MedForms for pricing and additional information for orientation  booklets. You won’t be sorry!


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