Product Spotlight: Education Booklets Provide Clients with Great Resource

While our patient orientation booklets are popular for many reasons, many of our existing clients ask us if there are more resources available for home care education. While our home care orientation booklets contain quite a bit of educational content, sometimes a more specialized patient education guide is necessary. That’s why we have a wide variety of patient education books. Topics range from wound care to heart failure to diabetes education. There are many benefits to using a patient education book. They’re a great complement to your home care orientation material, and they are affordable. Here are a few more details about patient education books and how they can help your agency during the home care orientation or discharge process.

A few facts about our education books:

  • Customized and non-customized versions of the patient education guides are available. If you prefer a standard home care education book, you can purchase the booklet through Briggs. They distribute all non-customized education booklets in a range of topics. If you want a customized version of home care education guides, we can develop one specifically for your agency based on your choice of topic. The process is similar to the home care orientation booklet development process.
  • One of the most beneficial aspects of our products is how cost efficient they can be. Saving in both time and labor, the patient education guide is a great choice. The price of each home care education book starts around $3.00 per book.
  • Another benefit of providing home care education booklets to patients and their caregivers is that it is a great tool after discharge. Patients might have questions about stroke or diabetes education, for example. The patient education guide is a great resource to utilize.
  • For training and consistency, having a standardized way of teaching and assisting patients is key to superior healthcare. The patient education book is a great way to standardize the teaching process for clinicians, which enhances the overall quality of care.
  • Time is money. Instead of spending unnecessary time filling out instruction forms or using extra visits for disease teaching, use a patient education book. Home care education has never been easier.

There are so many reasons why MedForms’ patient education books are great resources for patients. For more information about patient education guides or to view samples of our various disease processes, visit our website for more information.  You may also contact our marketing department if you have any questions along the way.


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