September is Emergency Preparedness Month: How your Agency can be Ready

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month! Use this opportunity to prepare and take action for all types of emergencies that could affect us, our families and the patients we work with every day. While emergency preparedness is important for people of all ages to learn, it is critical for older adults and homebound patients. There’s no better time than today to discuss, plan and prepare for an emergency with your patients. Being prepared means you’re ready for disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural or man-made disasters.

How can you promote emergency preparedness this month? There are so many ways, including planning and discussing emergency preparedness with your family and friends. Additionally, what are some ways that you can promote and share emergency preparedness with your home care patients? Here are a few things to consider:

Revisit your agency’s emergency preparedness plan.
Review and discuss your agency’s emergency preparedness plan. Has your policy changed over the last few months? If so, revise it and go over it with your staff. Even if the plan remains the same, remind your home care patients of your agency’s protocol in the case of an emergency. This not only keeps the plan fresh in your staff and patients’ minds but it also ensures an organized and safely executed plan should you need to implement it.

Ask your home health patient if they have emergency kits and shelter supplies packed and ready.
Talk to your patients and verify they have an emergency kit ready for a potential disaster. In addition, recommend putting together a pack of shelter supplies should they need to evacuate. Furthermore, encourage home health patients to make plans for their pets if they have them. Having supplies ready prevents problems in the future and makes a hectic situation a little more manageable.

Refer to our orientation booklets for information on what to do in an emergency.
Most home health or hospice orientation booklets include a section on emergency preparedness. Have patients refer to their orientation booklet and review the information. Keeping it fresh in mind is a great way to remember what to do in case of an emergency.

femanpm2016_logo_vfinalNational Emergency Preparedness Month is also a great time to evaluate the information already in your patient orientation booklet. Want to include more information? Our home health, hospice and other home care templates offer sections on lightning, power outage, flood, tornado, hot weather and much more!

Weather has already wreaked havoc in parts of the nation; emergency preparedness is crucial. Make sure you’re ready this month. Want more information about our orientation booklets or have questions about your existing booklet? Contact us today!

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