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The benefits are endless when you have a customized patient orientation booklet published by MedForms. One of the biggest appeals is significantly reducing patient signatures during the admission process. Streamlining home care orientation is a strong selling point for many clinicians. One easy signature means you spend less time doing paperwork and more time caring for your patients.

Previously featured in Home Health Line, our patient orientation booklets for home health and hospice were cited as a successful way to streamline and simplify the admission process. Our client’s testimony and the benefits the publication references make using our product a no-brainer.

“The number of signatures clinicians have to ask patients for is down from approximately 12 to one,” reported Home Health Line. “Clerical staff no longer have to spend time copying page after page of admission paperwork. Instead, they can provide clinicians with a pre-bound booklet that has approximately 40 pages.”*

If you have a MedForms patient orientation booklet then you already know what we are talking about! But if you are interested in learning more about MedForms’ products, contact us today!

Read the complete Home Health Line article here: Home Health Line Article – MedForms Increases Productivity

*Size of booklets varies based on your agency’s preferred inclusions as well as regulations for your state.

Credit: Home Health Line


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