The Importance of the Proofing Process

Without a doubt proofing your booklet is a vital part of the reorder process. It may oftentimes seem lengthy or cumbersome, but it is, in fact, the best way to ensure your orientation booklets are up-to-date and a product that reflects the professionalism of your agency.

If you don’t already know how our reorder process works, it’s really simple! Just give us a call or reorder on our website and we will place you in our queue. Once you’re next in line, an editor will make any necessary changes and send you a proof to review. As a reminder, please keep these following benefits in mind as you begin the proofing process:

It gives us a chance to review your booklet for regulatory changes.

One of the best parts about our services is the ability to include new regulatory changes in the booklet as you reorder. Our regulatory department constantly monitors both federal and state regulations as well as accreditation standards. This is a completely free service to you and is a great way to keep your agency in compliance every time you reorder from MedForms.

It allows you a chance to review all your agency information.

Things change! Perhaps your agency grows and you need to move to a larger location or you have a new Notice of Privacy Practices that needs to be added to your booklets. We have the ability to make those revisions during the proofing process, which leaves less work for you. Just let us know what changes you need to make, send over any necessary verbiage and we will get it updated for you.

It ensures you’re getting a great product.

Utilizing the proofing process really ensures you have an excellent product at your fingertips. It looks professional and makes the orientation process a breeze. There might even be something you notice as you review the proof that you didn’t realize needed to be updated. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure you get a great orientation booklet.

Next time you call to reorder your home care orientation booklets with MedForms, keep in mind the great benefits to our proofing process. Though it may take a little time, it will save you stress, time and money in the long run. For more information on our home health, hospice or other orientation booklets, give us a call today!


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