Three Great Reasons Why You’ll Love Our New eProof System

MedForms is excited to announce our new eProof system! If you’ve reordered orientation booklets from us in the past few weeks, you’ve probably already seen this exciting, new format. Instead of sending a PDF attachment of your booklet, we’ll now be emailing clients a clickable link to review and approve their home care orientation booklets.

Our new proofing system is great for so many reasons, and we think you’ll love it too! Here are a few reasons why you’ll enjoy the new proofing process:

  1. Easier to use. Viewing the proof couldn’t be easier! You can access the proof from your computer, tablet or phone. As always, you’ll receive an email with our suggested changes. Click the link and it will take you to your booklet on your Internet browser. From there, you can flip through the pages, print the booklet or zoom in or out. These capabilities are at the top of the screen above your booklet. It’s an easy navigation system and makes your review a simple task!
  2. Decreases chance of going to spam. Sometimes attachments can filter into your spam folder, or worse, never arrive in your inbox. This problem is eliminated with the new eProof system!
  3. Improves readability and understanding of layout. Our new system is not only easier to use but it’s visually improved too! It has increased the overall readability and layout of your booklet. It’s now easier to visualize how your booklet will look like once printed.

The eProof is an attractive and improved way of sending home health and hospice proofs, and we can’t wait for you to give it a try! Ready to reorder your orientation booklets? Reorder here or give us a call! You’ll be using our eProof system in no time!


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