Three Reasons to Make Your Admission Booklet State Specific

“If we have multiple locations in different states can they all share one booklet?” This is a question we often get from clients who are looking to be more cost efficient or simplistic for their booklets. Though it’s a great idea in theory, it’s not necessarily one in practice. We do recommend multiple locations to share a booklet (if they’re in the same state).  In some cases, neighboring states that don’t have many state-specific regulations can also share booklets. However, more stringent states such as Texas, Michigan or Indiana can be confusing if they share a booklet. Here are three reasons why we recommend making your booklets state-specific:

  1. Decreases admission time. Having an orientation booklet that is straightforward is the best way to decrease admission time. If you have a home care orientation booklet with two or three different states included, the booklet can get cumbersome. Furthermore, some states might have conflicting or differing regulations, which can cause confusion during admission. By having one booklet dedicated to each state, admission can be a breeze!
  2. Cost effective in the long run. Though it might be an investment on the front end, having state-specific booklets actually saves money in the long run. There’s no need to pay for additional inserts, addendums or stickers to place in the booklet. Also, as the saying goes, “time is money.” Less time working on the orientation process is more time you can spend caring for your patients.
  3. Clearer for patient. Arguably, this is the most important reason to keep booklets separated by state. Separate booklets won’t include state information where the patient doesn’t live. For example, the state hotline will be clearly listed and the patients won’t have to sift through information that doesn’t apply to them. This causes less confusion and makes admission much easier for the patient to understand.

Keeping booklets separated by state is not only great for the patient, but it’s very beneficial to each agency. It can save your agency both time and money. Interested in learning more about creating a customized home care orientation booklet? Contact our marketing team for more information.


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