Three Reasons Why Each Home Care Service Needs a Separate Patient Orientation Booklet


During development many new clients ask why we recommend separate booklets for home health, hospice and other services; clients want to merge the information into one large, multi-service booklet. While it might seem like a good idea, having one booklet for multiple services is both inconvenient and expensive. If your agency offers multiple services (e.g., home health and hospice), here are three reasons why they should each have their own unique home care orientation booklet:

1. Patient Understanding

Probably the biggest reason to have different orientation booklets for different services is to ensure patient understanding. We strive to make our materials as comprehensive and understandable to your patients as possible. By merging services into a single orientation booklet, it can muddy the orientation information for the patient and can cause confusion about the services offered. For example, you would not want your home health patients to think they are eligible for Medicare Hospice Benefit. Home care compliance is already a challenge to understand, so it’s best to keep the information separate.

2. Book Size

Because each booklet is customized, our pricing depends largely on page count and other specifications of the booklet. If you choose to incorporate several services, your booklet could be 100+ pages! That’s an overwhelming booklet and an unnecessary expense. Having separate booklets will keep the books tidy and concise, which in turn keeps them cost-friendly.

3. Regulatory Items

Part of our services is offering suggested regulatory changes for home care compliance. It is necessary to keep services separate to adhere to regulatory changes. For example, there are times when our suggested revisions are only applicable to one service. If this is the case, it only makes sense to separate this information out into two different orientation booklets. This not only avoids confusion, but also ensures the regulations are clearly and accurately stated for each service.

As you can see, having separate orientation booklets for each service is mutually beneficial for your patients and agency alike. MedForms works hard to make sure each home care orientation booklet is made with care, consideration and home care compliance information. Have more questions? Contact our marketing department today for more information and to get started!


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