What Makes My Booklet Reorder Take Longer?

We recommend reordering 6 weeks before you think you will run out of booklets to ensure you are never without. This 6 week cushion may seem long, but includes a wait time in our queue, the editing process, printing, and shipping.  While we strive to not need the full 6 weeks, sometimes there are circumstances that will make you glad you remembered to order in advance. Below are some examples of why your booklet might be taking longer than expected.

If it is taking longer to receive a proof:

  • There has been a major update released – Understandably, important updates are wanted immediately. During these times, we get a large influx of orders at once. If more people than normal are added to our queue daily, our wait times will be longer than usual.
  • Our reorder queue is long – Due to the fact we serve agencies in all 50 states, we work on a lot of booklets every day!  Orders are pulled at a first come, first serve basis and while we try our best to get to everyone in a timely manner, more orders mean our wait time is longer than normal.

If the proofing process is taking longer than anticipated:

  • It’s been a while since you reordered – We recommend reordering every 6 months to keep your book up to date and to keep the information that needs to be added to your book to a minimum. For your convenience, we have automatically generated reorder reminder emails that are sent out every 6 months to help you stay up-to-date.
  • Customization – We want your book to be exactly what you need. Sometimes that means a cover redesign or creating a form from scratch. Customization takes time and therefore, you may have a longer wait time for a new proof with your requests.

To learn more about the proofing process, please click here.

If printing and shipping is taking a while:

  • Our printer’s queue is long – Our printer tries to go through their queue as quickly as possible but when we are busy, they are busy. Each book must be printed, put together, and bound. If your order is larger, it will take longer to produce all of your books.
  • Location – We are located in Nashville, Tennessee. We try to provide fast delivery of your booklets, but states that are located further away from our printer have longer delivery times.
  • There has been an unforeseen weather issue – Depending on where you are located, weather can play a factor in delivery. Floods, snow storms and tornados can cause shipping delays.

Want to learn more about our custom patient admission booklets? Click here. To easily reorder your booklets online, click here.


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