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The idea of developing a new booklet for your agency may seem daunting, but we strive to make this process as streamlined as possible! The development process simply begins by contacting us on our website, and a member of our development team will reach out about the process with a detailed email.

When you are ready for us to begin developing your new patient admission booklet, you will login to our website to complete the development order form to fill out with all of your agency’s contact information, services provided, payment sources, accreditation status, policies and procedures, etc., to include in the booklet, as well as your interest in some of the more optional aspects of our template verbiage. For example, while an agency may be interested in an emergency preparedness subsection on hurricanes because they are located in Florida, an agency in Kansas would be more apt to include the tornado subsection verbiage. This development order form will also ask you to attach a file for your agency logo. The best file type to provide is in vector file format (.ai or .eps). If we have any concerns about the file type provided, we will contact you for what we need to begin developing your booklet!

The main sections in our template are for Office Hours/After Hours Coverage, Welcome and Mission, Agency Overview, Patient Rights and Responsibilities, Notice of Privacy Practices, state-specific Advance Directives (includes agency policy), Emergency Preparedness, Home Safety (includes drug disposal policy for hospice agencies), Infection Prevention and Control, Emergency Care Plan and Consents/Forms. We monitor our generic verbiage for state and federal regulatory changes. You will have the option in this development order form to select our generic verbiage for these sections or attach file(s) with your agency’s internal policies you would like applied to the booklet. Our generic verbiage can always be customized to better reflect your agency’s policies and procedures. Whether you use ours or your own, please make sure that the verbiage being provided to the patient in the patient admission booklet matches your internal policies. If any of your policies are copyrighted, please reach out to your liaison and obtain reprint permissions. We will not be able to put anything in the booklet that is copyrighted without proof of reprint permissions!

The MedForms Regulatory team works to monitor any changing state and federal regulations, as well as accreditation requirements for The Joint Commission, Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) and Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). We do not miss the ACHC annual report of the most common deficiencies! Our regulatory team works hard to keep up with changes in government regulations. If you would like to learn more about our Regulatory Department, please click here to view another blog post that delves into the scope of the MedForms Regulatory Department!

What forms would you like to include in your custom patient admission booklet? Would you like some included as 2-part/NCR forms (carbon copy)? Would you like one or two included as single-part forms with a patient copy to follow? While one agency may prefer for one form to be perforated, another agency may prefer for it to be unperforated and remain in the booklet. Processes differ from agency to agency, which is why we ask in the development order form what forms you would like added to the booklet and how you would like them added to the booklet. We only recommend adding forms to the booklet that will apply to at least 80% of your agency’s patient population. This is in an effort to keep the cost of your booklet down, and keep the booklet as efficient as possible for your agency!

Once we receive any additional items needed or missing from the development order form, and the $450.00 setup fee is paid, the development request is sent to our development team! We will let you know via email that we received your final development items and that we are ready to proceed forward with developing your custom admission booklet. The Development Editor that will be working with you will then reach out to let you know when you should expect your first draft (typically 3-4 weeks) and that they will contact you if they have any questions. There is a three-draft maximum (additional drafts will incur a fee). We strongly encourage the final draft be sent to print within six months of receiving the first draft. If your booklet remains in development for over 12 months, there will be a reinstatement fee of $350.00. We will only work on one booklet per agency at a time. This ensures consistency across all of the booklets that your agency is looking to develop. Although you may want to develop more than one booklet at the same time, please know that we do not do this for your benefit.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! You may reach us by phone at (615) 386-6320 or by email at We hope that this blog post was helpful in better understanding the development process!


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