How to Reorder

When you get down to a month’s supply of booklets, it’s time to reorder. Reordering is as easy as visiting our website and completing our reorder form, where you can include any changes to your booklet if you have them.

How many to reorder

We recommend ordering a six-month supply of booklets.  Ordering twice a year minimizes your time spent reviewing and keeps your booklet current on any updates and revisions over a six-month period. A six-month supply is different for every agency, and you may want to adjust the quantity based on our price breaks. You can always consult your editor for information on pricing and past order quantities. You do not have to decide on a quantity when you initiate a reorder. You can adjust it at any point up until you approve the order.

Sending your changes

Informing us of changes to the contact information and agency policies in your booklet is essential to keep your booklets up-to-date. While our regulatory team will help ensure you are current on state and federal regulations and requirements by any accrediting body applicable to you, it is your responsibility to verify all information specific to your agency. We highlight all agency-specific information in red in your proof for easy viewing. To inform us of a change, simply note it in your online reorder, as we require all changes in writing. Doing this when you place the order will save time and allow you to get your booklets sooner.

What happens once you place a reorder

When you reorder, you are added to our queue by the date the order is placed. Once your order reaches the top, an editor will carefully review your booklet to ensure it has all current suggested regulatory changes. The editor will make any revisions that you have included as well. Then, you will receive a proof via email for your review. We require your written approval before any booklets are printed. This process should not exceed three proofs or four weeks.

The best way to handle rebranding

Major agency changes don’t have to be complicated. If your agency is changing its name and logo, simply let us know your new agency name and send us your logo in vector format (.ai or .eps). You do not need to do anything further. We will locate each instance in which your agency name and logo appears in your booklet and update accordingly. Our Graphic Design Department will design a new cover based on your logo and any preferences you may have.

If you prefer to reorder via email or phone, you may reach us at or 1-800-843-9178. We request that you please submit all changes in writing.


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