Top 5 Advantages of the MedForms Admission Consent Form

Our home care orientation booklets are great resources for the home health and hospice agencies that use them. The agency information, advance directives and safety information are just a few sections included in the orientation booklets, but one of the greatest benefits of our services is the admission consent form located in the back of the booklet. It’s an attractive and useful form that patients and clinicians alike benefit from using during home care orientation (and with good reason!)  With years of experience, MedForms has developed a comprehensive form that not only speeds up the home care orientation process but is also within home care compliance.

Here are five advantages to our admission consent form:

Just like the orientation booklet itself, the form can be customized to your agency’s specific policies and procedures.  Customizations include, but are not limited to, your agency logo, agency policy information, rates for services and advance directive information. Our team of editors will make sure the form is formatted professionally, reads well and looks great.

Just like the rest of your booklet, the admission consent in the back will be updated with regulatory changes as applicable. Our editors provide complimentary updates to your entire booklet, and that includes this form! These changes can include CMS, state-specific and accreditation changes. If we are aware of changes applicable to your form, we will make them for you.

A quick and thorough orientation process is the goal of our booklets. We make each and every word count, and that doesn’t stop with our admission consent form. Our form is concise, short and easy to understand, while still covering all required information. This ensures a straightforward home care orientation process and makes clinicians and patients alike very happy.

Because the admission consent is concise and avoids redundancy, you can rest assured you are only paying for what you need. Because our admission consent form covers all content in your home health booklet, there is only a need for one form. (Hospice booklets are a little trickier. Contact us to learn more!)

One Signature
If you only need one form in the book, that means you only need one signature! How can you make the home care orientation process easier than that? With one signature, you are virtually eliminating the confusion and time in signing multiple forms. This is crucial to a patient’s understanding of home care compliance and their rights and responsibilities.

The MedForms admission consent form is one of the many benefits to using our orientation booklets. Though our most popular booklets are for home health and hospice, we also develop orientation booklets for HME, private duty, pediatrics and disease education. Frequently reviewed for home care compliance, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get started developing a MedForms booklet with us.

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