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MedForms has different departments that work together to ensure you are getting the best product. Our Editorial Department is made up of a team of several Editors who work efficiently to update your patient admission booklet with our suggested changes and any requested changes you send. We value accuracy and consistency in the revisions we make, so we have systems in place for quality assurance.

We want you to have the most up-to-date product, so that includes accommodating graphical changes. Our Art Production Department is happy to work with you on revising your booklet cover. If your agency has rebranded or has an updated logo, or you just want to refresh the look of your cover, this department ensures your booklet reflects these changes in the highest quality possible.

MedForms’ Regulatory Department keeps our clients’ admission books up-to-date based on the latest federal, state and accrediting body regulations. We have a proprietary software that helps us check state and federal websites for any applicable updates for our clients’ books in all 50 states. We continuously research and monitor these regulations and create patient-friendly text and forms that are offered to our clients each time they reorder admission booklets.

Another service we offer is a Spanish translation of your admission booklet. Our Spanish Department is made up of a translator and bilingual staff. Once our translator converts any custom content into Spanish, our bilingual Editors assemble the Spanish version to mirror the English one. This allows Spanish-speaking patients and family members to easily reference the same content as English-speaking care providers. You can order your admission booklet in Spanish, as well as your Rights & Responsibilities section and Admission Consent separately as PDFs.

If you do not currently print a booklet with us, or if you are an existing client and need to develop a new booklet for a new agency, our Development Team is here for you. This department will provide drafts of your booklet for you to review and will ensure all required information is covered. To learn more about development, you can check out one of our previous post, Getting Started: Development.

MedForms values the work you do, and we are glad we can provide booklets for your agency to help simplify the admission process. If you are ready to reorder your booklet, please do so by clicking here and filling out our reorder form. If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone at (615) 386-6320.


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