BFCC-QIO Restructuring for Healthcare Providers: The Updated NOMNC by Region

Effective June 8, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will restructure BFCC-QIO coverage to divide across ten Regions from the previous five Areas. We are here during this transition to help you update Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) information specific to your agency so your patients are informed and your materials are compliant.

How does BFCC-QIO restructuring affect you?

Agencies formerly zoned by Livanta may find they are now under KEPRO (and vice versa). Even agencies remaining under the same QIO may be grouped in a new Region that may have new contact information. If your Admission booklet contains the Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage form or QIO contact information, this change affects your booklet, and we will update it at your next reorder.

Where does BFCC-QIO information appear in your Patient Admission booklet?

If included in your booklet, information for the QIO applicable to your agency can be found on the bottom of page 1 of the Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage form. Additionally, this information may appear in the Local Resources section (if your agency has requested this section to be prefilled), which typically is listed on the back cover of your Patient Admission booklet. Some states require that this information appear in other areas of the booklet as well.

How will this information be updated in your booklet?

While it is important to have current information for your QIO by June 8, you don’t have to reorder booklets before you’re ready. In the interim, we have provided links to PDFs of the NOMNC below by Region. Simply reference the map above to determine your Region, select the appropriate form below, add your agency’s information in the fields indicated, and use the form as needed until you are ready to reorder. At your next reorder, we will update all instances where the Region-specific QIO appears in your booklet. Please note that any additional customizations you’ve made to this form in your booklet will not appear in the PDFs below.

Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage forms by Region:

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