EMR Compatibility: The Electronic License Agreement

The Electronic License Agreement allows you to enjoy the benefits of utilizing an Electronic Medical Record while using our forms to admit patients.

If you’re an existing client with us, you’re probably familiar with our standard License Agreement. We ask that all clients sign a License Agreement with us before drafting a new Patient Admission booklet. The License Agreement grants your home care agency authorization to use Medforms’ Patient Admission booklets and to print the permitted forms while ensuring our materials aren’t reproduced or distributed without our permission.

If your agency uses an Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) and you also want to use our forms in the EMR, we will ask you to sign an Electronic License Agreement. The Electronic License Agreement allows you to enjoy the benefits of utilizing an Electronic Medical Record while keeping the admission process consistent for your staff.

Granting you access to digital versions of forms

Like the License Agreement, the Electronic License Agreement gives you license to use Medforms Patient Admission booklets and to print the forms that are listed in Appendix I under the terms of the Agreement. In addition to these standard permissions, the Electronic License Agreement grants permission to receive digital versions of the forms listed in Appendix I and to publish them digitally so long as a patient copy remains in the printed booklet.

How to incorporate electronic forms by Medforms into your Electronic Medical Record

If your agency contracts an Electronic Medical Record System, let us know, and we will email you the Electronic License Agreement, which goes into effect the day it is signed. Once the Agreement is completed, we will provide you with a PDF of the authorized forms. Your Electronic Medical Record System vendor can then upload these PDFs so they can be filled out digitally.

The benefits of using Medforms materials in your Electronic Medical Record System

Just as with the forms in your Patient Admission booklet, your digital forms can be updated each time you reorder. We will customize your forms and make suggestions to keep you compliant with regulatory entities and accrediting bodies such as ACHC, CHAP and The Joint Commission. This allows you to provide your patients with excellent patient information and materials while your staff focuses on providing quality patient care.

For more information about getting digital permissions for your forms, please email us at mail@medforms.com.


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