How Changing Accreditation Bodies Affects Patient Admission Booklets

So, your company has decided to change accreditation bodies. The process of changing the accreditation information in your patient admission booklet doesn’t have to be difficult. Our Regulatory Department stays up to date on requirements for The Joint Commission, CHAP and ACHC to make your transition easier.

What We Need From You

The first thing we need from you is notification of your transition.

When you are ready to reorder booklets, include your accreditation change in the “Changes from your Agency?” section on the reorder form on our website. Please provide which accreditation body you are transitioning to and if you have received official accreditation from that body yet.

What Changes Are Made to Your Booklet?  

Transitioning booklets usually requires:

  • Updating the Patient Rights Section
  • Adding accreditation contact information in the Problem Solving Procedure
  • A seal change on the cover
  • Additional Sections depending on your new accreditation

As a reminder, we require your written approval before any booklets are printed.

If You Need Books Immediately But Aren’t Officially Accredited Yet

How far along in the transfer process you are and how soon you need booklets is important in the reorder and editing process. Your accreditation status and booklet need can affect what we can include in your booklet.

Contact information for the Problem Solving Procedure and seal changes cannot be added if you have not received official accreditation. Your booklets will instead be printed with the accreditation-specific sections and Patient Rights Section.

Once you receive official accreditation, please let us know so that we can add the rest of that information to your booklet for the next printing.

How Long Will It Take?

Every booklet and editing process is different. Ideally, agencies reorder when they open their last box of booklets.  Please keep in mind that when your agency reorders, we will email you a proof for your review and approval in writing.  From there, printing and shipping always takes about 2-3 weeks.


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