Shipping Process and Timeline After Approving

The process of printing and then shipping booklets begins after we receive written approval of all changes made to your admission booklet. This production process typically takes 2-3 weeks, but may take 4-5 weeks for larger or more intricate orders that include extras (folder covers, for example). This timeframe is regardless of the agency’s delivery address (or addresses if the order is split-shipped between multiple locations). We ask that you please keep this timeframe in mind when it comes to reordering booklets, as this timeframe does not include the time that it takes for you to receive updates on your booklet and any additional changes you may have prior to approving. Please see the shipping process/timeline below for details on the steps that are taken after your booklet is approved during the reorder process.


  1. You receive the print confirmation email for your order.

Once all changes made to the booklet are approved in writing (and a PO# is received for agencies that require a PO# to process), you will receive a print confirmation email from the editor you are working with at MedForms, which details order quantity, billing address(es) and shipping address(es).

  1. The production file of your booklet is placed into our printer’s queue.

The editor working your order will then send the booklet electronically to our printer, placing it in their queue for print production.

  1. Print production of the booklets.

Print production is the lengthiest part of the timeline, due to all that this process entails. From carefully reviewing to printing to binding, there are many steps in the print production process.

  1. Booklets are packaged and placed in the hands of the shipping carrier.

Once the booklets are ready, they will be boxed and transferred to the appropriate shipping carrier. Tracking information will be sent to the email address/contact for the order, so you can track the shipment once it has shipped for updates on its location. This tracking information will indicate how many boxes are in the shipment, so you will know how many boxes to expect to be delivered (please note that the number of boxes in the shipment can vary from order to order). If you have any difficulty tracking your shipment, please reach out to the editor you worked with at MedForms, and they can help provide you with tracking information/updates on the shipment.

  1. The booklets are delivered to your door!

If you experience any issues with the delivery of the shipment (tracking information will indicate how many boxes are in the shipment), please reach out to the MedForms editor you were working with. We will contact the shipping carrier directly to resolve any delivery issues.

Please note that shipping prices are always subject to change, as shipping costs will increase as our carrier(s) increase their shipping rates. FedEx is our primary shipping carrier used to date, but if your agency has its own FedEx or UPS shipping account, we would be more than happy to accommodate shipping through your shipping account instead. If you would like to see current pricing including shipping during the reorder process, please reach out to the editor working on your booklet, and they will provide you with a quote.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-843-9178, where we can help answer any questions you may have!


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